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    The Chadwick Technology Group backed by its 50 years of experience, aims to provide unique and performing solutions to building professionals for complex materials and geometry in the field of composite roofing and ceilings.

    20 years international experience supports the development of solutions for a wide variety of conditions and performance requirements and this is directed by our experienced professional staff and consultants. Our mission is to have satisfied customers.

  • about Chadwick

    Chadwick’s involvement in roofing and ceiling engineering and construction commenced in 1962. With two senior staff members commencing in the industry in 1955 and 1957.

    Chadwick's has been instumental in the development and usage of light gauge sheet metal roofing and secondary components in Australia. We have installed of over 10 million m2 of metal deck roofing since 1988 in: South East Asia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.

    Chadwick, through Chadwick Technology Pty. Ltd. have concentrated on the design engineering manufacture and installation of specialised composite roofing systems incorporating either unique geometry or unique metals.

    our team

        R.P. (Dick) Chadwick
        Managing Director
        W.T. (Bill) Mansell
          Design / Engineering Director
          Peter W. Mansell
            Manager - Middle East
            Nicholas Galati
  • chadwick systems

    • Chadeck 300

      Used as the structural decking for Dubai Air Terminal Concourse II, 70,000m2 and can be crimp curved for varying radii. Download info here
    • Chadpan 300 Profile-CEILING/FAÇADE CLADDING

      The face is a 300mm module and panels interlock with a secret fixing. Download info here
    • Chadeck 250

      Used as a structural deck to the roofing system on such projects as:- Hong Kong International Air Terminal, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Ipoh, Malaysia Download info here
    • Composite Chadeck

      Engineered for load conditions, produced in both galvanised or coated steel and aluminium. Download info here
    • Chadclad KL500

      It incorporates 60mm rib at 500mm centres. The preferred maximum length of this product is 20 metres and the clippings system, both fixed and sliding, are engineered to suit the appropriate project loadings. Download info here
    • Chadclad 240 Profile

      It produces a 240mm module and subject to quantity may also be produced in tapered sheets. Download info here
    • Spesfoil

      Spesfoil is available in a variety of corrugated profiles as follows:-
      Spesfoil Super Bold Mark I
      Spesfoil Super Bold Mark II
      Spesfoil Bold
      Spesfoil Fine
      Download info here
  • services overview

    • Consultation

      Chadwick Technology Pty. Ltd. provides a roof consultancy service

    • Manufacturing

      Chadwick Technology has developed a unique philosophy for on site product production.

    • Product Testing

      As part of the development process, all Chadwick Technology’s new products are extensively tested prior to manufacture and application.

    • Engineering / Design

      In each instance Chadwick Engineering and Design Staff, together with our Consultants have developed products/systems to satisfy a variety of design requirements.

    • Quality Assurance

      Our Quality Assurance Programme is developed around ISO 9000 and is developed to interface with our Client’s Quality Assurance Programmes.

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    10 Tramore Pl, Killarney Heights NSW 2087


    Telephone: +61 2 9452 0333
    Fax: +61 2 9975 7786
    E-mail: chad@chadwicktech.com.au

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  • Adelaide Convention Centre

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  • Dubai Airport Ceilings

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    dubai_ceiling_121 dubai_ceiling_32 dubai_ceiling_23 dubai_ceiling_14 dubai_ceiling_55 dubai_ceiling_96 dubai_ceiling_67 dubai_ceiling_88 dubai_ceiling_79 dubai_ceiling_1110 dubai_ceiling_411
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  • Singapore Indoor Stadium

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  • St Barnabas Church

    • stb-14
    • stb-13
    • stb-1
    • stb-2
    • stb-3
    • stb-4
    • stb-5
    • stb-6
    • stb-11
    • stb-7
    • stb-9
    • stb-8
    • stb-12
    • stb-15
    • stb-10
    stb-141 stb-132 stb-13 stb-24 stb-35 stb-46 stb-57 stb-68 stb-119 stb-710 stb-911 stb-812 stb-1213 stb-1514 stb-1015
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  • Sydney Football Stadium

    • sfs_6
    • sfs_1
    • sfs_4
    • sfs_2
    • sfs_5
    • sfs_3
    • sfs_7
    sfs_61 sfs_12 sfs_43 sfs_24 sfs_55 sfs_36 sfs_77
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  • Singapore Turf Club

    • kranji-10
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    • kranji-6
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    • kranji-2
    • kranji-3
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    • kranji13
    kranji-101 kranji-112 kranji-63 kranji-44 kranji-75 kranji-26 kranji-37 kranji-18 kranji-129 kranji-510 kranji-811 kranji-912 kranji1313
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  • Sydney Entertainment Centre

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  • Universiti Teknologi Petronas

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    • utp19
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    • utp18
    • utp21
    • utp22
    • utp20
    • utp6
    • utp8
    • utp9
    • utp15
    • utp11
    • utp16
    • utp13
    • utp14
    • utp7
    • utp5
    utp11 utp192 utp43 utp184 utp215 utp226 utp207 utp68 utp89 utp910 utp1511 utp1112 utp1613 utp1314 utp1415 utp716 utp517
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  • Putrayana Convention centre

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    pcc-11 pcc-22 pcc-33
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  • National Tennis Centre

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    tennis-31 tennis-22 tennis-13
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  • Sydney Convention Centre

    • scc2
    • scc1
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  • Khalsa Heritage Project

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    • khalsa-1
    • khalsa-9
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    • khalsa-12
    khalsa-111 khalsa-82 khalsa-63 khalsa-54 khalsa-45 khalsa-36 khalsa-17 khalsa-98 khalsa-79 khalsa-210 khalsa-1011 khalsa-1212
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  • EXPO station Singapore

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    • expo-32
    • expo-35
    • expo-38
    expo-61 expo-42 expo-113 expo-34 expo-105 expo-86 expo-27 expo-78 expo-59 expo-110 expo-1611 expo-1212 expo-1313 expo-1414 expo-1515 expo-3216 expo-3517 expo-3818
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  • sydney Aquatic Centre

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    • aquatic-2
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    • aquatic-7
    • aquatic-1
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    aquatic-81 aquatic-92 aquatic-23 aquatic-34 aquatic-55 aquatic-66 aquatic-77 aquatic-18 aquatic-109 aquatic-1110 aquatic-1211
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  • Kuala Lumpur Airport Roof

    • klia13
    • klia6
    • klia17
    • klia8
    • klia14
    • klia9
    • klia10
    • klia12
    • klia2
    • klia11
    • klia3
    • klia1
    klia131 klia62 klia173 klia84 klia145 klia96 klia107 klia128 klia29 klia1110 klia311 klia112
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  • Hong Kong Airport

    • hong-kong-1
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    • hong-kong-3
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    • hong-kong-12
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    • hong-kong-10
    • hong-kong-19
    • hong-kong-17
    • hong-kong-16
    • hong-kong-15
    • hong-kong-18
    • hong-kong-2
    hong-kong-11 hong-kong-82 hong-kong-33 hong-kong-74 hong-kong-95 hong-kong-126 hong-kong-117 hong-kong-108 hong-kong-199 hong-kong-1710 hong-kong-1611 hong-kong-1512 hong-kong-1813 hong-kong-214
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  • Sydney Harbourside Markets

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    • markets-2
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  • Sydney Exhibition Centre

    • syd-ex-ctr-3
    • syd-ex-ctr-2
    • syd-ex-ctr-1
    syd-ex-ctr-31 syd-ex-ctr-22 syd-ex-ctr-13
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  • Sydney Aquarium

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    • aquarium-3
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    aquarium-21 aquarium-32 aquarium-13
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  • Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Concert Hall

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  • National Maritime Museum

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    • nmm-8
    • nmm-4
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    • nmm-6
    • nmm-1
    nmm-71 nmm-82 nmm-43 nmm-24 nmm-35 nmm-56 nmm-67 nmm-18
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  • Dubai Airport Roof

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  • Kuala Lumpur Airport Ceilings

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    • klia-ceil-3
    klia-ceil-11 klia-ceil-22 klia-ceil-33
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  • National Acoustics Laboratory, - Anechoic Chambers

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    • anechoic-1
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    • anechoic-4
    anechoic-31 anechoic-12 anechoic-23 anechoic-44
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  • Historical Gallery

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  • Tomago Aluminium Smelter

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    • tomago-2
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    We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.

  • Awards

    Chadwick Technology's innovative and professional application of technology in the roofing and cladding industry has seen the company receive a variety of prestigious awards, both domestic and international, including the following:
    • 2008 National Roofing Contractor's Association Safety Award
      - Dubai international Air Terminal.
        Excellence in Engineering Awards
      National Acoustics Laboratory, Chatswood - Anechoic Chambers
        Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney – Composite Roofing System
          Expo Railway Station, Singapore – Composite Roof & Ceiling System
        International Gold Circle Awards for Innovative Roof Construction Solutions
          February 2008 - Dubai International Terminal Phase II February 2005 - Second Bangkok International Air Terminal February 2003 - Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia February 2001 - Expo Railway Station, Singapore February 1999 - RAS Dome, Olympics 2000 Homebush February 1998 - Kuala Lumpur International Air Terminal February 1996 - Aquatic Centre, Olympics 2000
        Metal Roofing & Cladding Association of Australia – Various
          2009 - Rex Blackwell Award for Overall Excellence
          2009 - Commercial / Industrial Structure Award, Rashidya and Jumeriah Island Carpark
          2009 - Specialist Works over $300000 Award, Rashidya Redline Depot
          March 2008 - Khalsa Heritage Memorial Complex, India
          November 2007 - Dubai International Air Terminal
          November 2006 - Dubai International Air Terminal Phase II (Stage 1)
  • More Awards

    • Metal Roofing & Cladding Association of Australia – Various
        November 2005 - Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia
        November 2003 - Singapore Indoor Stadium (Refurbishment)
        November 2001 - Adelaide Convention Centre (Commercial/Industrial)(Premium Award)
        October 2000 - Royal Agricultural Dome, Olympics 2000 (Commercial/Industrial)
        October 2000 - Singapore Expo Railway Station (Special Achievement Award)
        November 1994 - Aquatic Centre Olympics 2000 (Premium Contractors Award)(Architectural Metal)
      Australian Institute of Building – Professional Excellence in Building Awards
        2010 - NSW Professional Excellence Award, R&D & Technology - Rashidiya & Jebel Ali Depots, Metro Depots
        2010 - NSW Professional Excellence Award, R&D & Technology - Jumeriah Island & Rashidiya Car Parks, Dubai Metro
        2009 - NSW Professional Excellence Award, Technology & Innovation - Khalsa Heritage Complex, Punjab, India
        2008 - National Professional Excellence in Building Award - Dubai International Air Terminal, Concourse II
        2008 - NSW division winner, Dubai International Air Terminal Concourse II
        2007 - Certificate of High Commendation, Second Bangkok International Air Terminal project
      CISCA (Ceiling Interior Systems Construction Association) – Construction Excellence Awards
      March 2008 - Dubai Int Air Terminal Phase II – Ceilings - Best of Category (Eastern Division) March 2008 - Dubai Int Air Terminal Phase II – Ceilings - 2007 Founder’s Award (“Best of the Best�?)
      2009 - Master Builders Association of New South Wales - 30 Year Membership (certificate and letter) 2009 - Premier's NSW Export Awards (Finalist) Austcham – Hong Kong International Air Terminal, Singapore: Expo Railway Station Bangkok: Second Bangkok International Air Terminal
  • Consultation

    Chadwick Technology Pty. Ltd. provides a roof consultancy service and has successfully undertaken contracts in:
    • Korea:
      Incheon Airport

      World Cup Stadiums

    • India:
      Khalsa Heritage Complex, Punjab
    • Italy:
      Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biannale
    • Consultancy work includes:
      • Systems Design
      • Roofing Product Development
      • Roof Engineering (structural – hydraulic)
      • Product Review & Testing
      • Estimating and Costing (including quantity reviews)
      • Construction Review/Supervision
      • Reporting on existing roofing conditions
      Commercial conditions in relation to consultation work: This may be undertaken on an hourly basis, or approximate Tender/Quotations can be provided for specific assignments.

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  • product testing

    As part of the development process, all Chadwick Technology’s new products are extensively tested prior to manufacture and application. Testing facilities used by Chadwick Technology include:
    Testing can be for a variety of performance requirements which may include:
        Structural Efficiency
        Pressure Resistance
        Acoustic Performance (sound absorption and sound transmission loss)
        Impact Resistance (e.g. hail etc)
      All testing is undertaken under the supervision of Chadwick Engineering Staff, together with our Engineering and/or Acoustic Consultants.

  • Engineering Design

    Chadwick Technology has been awarded Excellence in Engineering Awards by the Institution of Engineers NSW Australia and International Gold Circle Awards for Roofing Innovation from the N.R.C.A. of the USA. The design checklist for Chadwick Composite Systems is extensive and includes considerations of items such as:
        Structural Requirements
        Deflection Limitations
        Dead Load Considerations
        Fire Resistance
        Material Compatibility
        Sound Absorption
        Sound Transmission Loss
        Speed of Erection
        Construction Safety Considerations
        Product Availability
        Hydraulics etc.
    We also prepare Budgets and Cost Feasability Reviews. Advanced Engineering Technology is evidenced by the range of unique light gauge rollformed structural products that have been developed and our knowledge of composite action of many of our designed systems.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing Philosophy Chadwick Technology has developed skills and techniques for on site product production. Particularly for large projects, projects in remote areas, or where transportation of large fabricated components is not an option, our preference is for product production adjacent to the work face. This philosophy has been successfully employed on the following projects:
        Jin Mao Building, Shanghai, China
        Hong Kong International Air Terminal, Hong Kong
          Second Bangkok International Air Terminal, Thailand
            Kuala Lumpur International Air Terminal, Malaysia
              Singapore Expo Railway Station, Singapore
                Kranji Racecourse, Singapore
                  Dover Railway Station, Singapore
  • Case Studies

      The Chadwick Factory for this project had a covered floor area of approximately 2,500m2 and housed sophisticated roll forming equipment capable of the production of stainless steel roofing profiles and caps and also had the facility for “tapered rollforming”. This factory produced 150,000 lineal metres of rollformed product for the roof and nearly 600,000 lineal metres of ceiling panelling.


  • Case Studies

    Second Bankok International Air Terminal

      For this project we constructed an on site factory with a covered floor area in excess of 10,000m2.

      Within this factory we undertook manufacturing and assembly of:

        Light Gauge Structural Sections (including painting)
        Skylight Manufacture, including glazing
        Rollforming of roofing profile
        Construction of composite roofing components
        Fabrication and cladding of sun louvres
      This factory employed approximately 300 people for 12 months
      and ultimately was demolished on completion of the work.
  • quality Assurance

    Chadwick Technology is not certified with any specific Quality Assurance Programme.
      We regard this as an advantage. Because of the variety of projects, the various geographic locations, the locations of the project design offices, we believe it is more appropriate to construct a specific Quality Assurance Package for each individual project.

      Our Quality Assurance Programme is normally developed around ISO 9000 and is developed to have an appropriate interface with our Client’s Quality Assurance Programmes with all of the appropriate requirements for “traceability�? and product review included.

      Our Quality Assurance Plans cover all stages of each project including Design and Engineering, Material Procurement, Product Manufacturing, Project Staffing, Systems Review, Testing and our Staff is trained in the application in all of the appropriate paperwork associated with these systems.

      Our Quality Assurance Programmes have been “Third Party�? reviewed by our Clients, external Consultants, Government Departments and Major Contractors and we have been congratulated on the appropriateness of the format we use.

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